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I had to help my fabulous boy cross the bridge this summer. He was a huge part of my life — loyal and loving like no other. This shirt stays hung on the outside of my closet door and is my treasure.
Joy Caine / Verified Buyer
I love and will order more of those. The only thing what makes me sad is that it was not possible to deliver to Belgium. The cup has a nice quality, so people I would suggest to order from this site and make also people around you happy:)…
Kamer Turgut / Verified Buyer

I saw this water bottle advertised on a friend of a friend’s page on FB & knew that I had to have one!!! Picking out my puppers’ breeds, I thought, no way will they 1) ever have these breeds 2) no way they will look like my puppers…

Rebecca Shawver / Buyer
Love this personalized expression of love to my fur babies. Even though they can’t read it it speaks!
SUSAN JAHNSEN / Verified Buyer
My dog has been all of these things to me and more. Obi is 16 and his health is slowly fading. This print will remind me of what he was to me. It is hanging in my yoga room where he loves to sleep and be with me.❤️
Karin Moir / Verified buyer
I love this phone case . The minute I saw an advertisement for it I purchased it. I love my dogs what a nice way to see them. I get so many compliments on it!! I will be ordering more from this company. Quality is great!!
Laurie Purcaro / Verified Buyer

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